Empowered to Detect Spyware & Prevent Hacking Hacking Techniques Can Hackers Spy on iPhone without Apple ID and Password Free?

Can Hackers Spy on iPhone without Apple ID and Password Free?

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Since the news about zero-click mobile spyware created a buzz on the Internet, many users have been asking, “ Can someone spy on iPhone without Apple ID and password free?” After all, most hackers prefer to use iCloud for data theft. Moreover, Apple claims that each system update comes with security patches that are almost impossible to breach.

However, the reality is different. Spyware developed by QuaDream, REIGN, easily bypassed multilayered Apple’s security system. It took control of the microphone, camera, and encrypted messages without syncing to iCloud. REIGN installed itself via a text message, employing the ForcedEntry hacking method.

We’ve conducted our research and found out that REIGN is not the only app of its kind. Dozens of monitoring apps don’t require Apple ID and a password to track your device remotely. Unlike REGIN or Pegasus, which are available exclusively to governmental and law enforcement agencies, these apps can be found online.

To help you protect your device from newtypes of  attacks, we’ll explain how hackers can monitor iPhone without iCloud and what you can do to find and block potential threats.

How Can Someone Monitor Phone Without iCloud

To protect your data from cyberattacks, you need to understand how hacking techniques work. Let’s explore the most common methods malicious actors use to hack an iPhone without a password.


Spy apps are designed for legitimate purposes like parental or corporate monitoring. As such, they do not require identity verification for installation. Simply create an account and download the software on the device you want to monitor –  there’s no need for personal data. This loophole has led to an increasing number of hackers exploiting spy apps for real-time tracking of private conversations, photos, and other information.

As for the iOS system, hackers would need to access the target device physically and perform a jailbreak before installation. This process turns off all built-in security tools, enabling them to set up a third-party app and monitor iPhone without iCloud from any Internet-connected device.

Unfortunately, most spy apps run invisibly on a target device, so you’ll unlikely spot one in your settings. You can try resetting your device or running a virus scan to detect and remove it.

Below, you will find the chart of advanced spy apps hackers often use to monitor iPhones.

NameTarget DevicesCan MonitorHidden Mode
EyezyiOS 7.0+ Android 4.0+-Call logs & contacts -Chats on iMessages and social media -Shared photos &videos -Real-time GPS location -Browsing history -Keystrokes made on a target device, including passwordsYes
CocospyiOS 7.0+ Android 4.0+-Calls -Contacts -Text messages -Browsing history -Shared links -Photos & videosYes
mSpyiOS 7.0+ Android 4.0+-Sent and received messages, including deleted ones -Calls with timestamps and duration -Social media activity -Location history -Live location -Browsing history -Calendar logs and notesYes
iSpyooiOS 6.0+ Android 4.0+-Contacts & calls -Messages -Call recordings -Emails -Location historyYes
iKeyMonitorAndroid 2.3+ iOS 9.0+-Text messages -Call recordings -Live GPS locations -Visited websitesYes

Developer or Enterprise Spyware

Developer or Enterprise Spyware

Another tricky way on how to hack an iPhone without a password involves the misuse of Apple Developer Enterprise Program.

This program enables software engineers to test their newly designed apps before releasing them on the App Store. In simpler terms, it allows them to install a beta version on any iPhone without jailbreaking it and monitor its performance. However, this also means that hackers can create a tracking app and install it physically on your device. To avoid detection, they often name it like an internal app.

The Enterprise spyware works like developer apps but with one key difference. Instead of physically installing a malicious app on your device, which isn’t always feasible, hackers deceive you into downloading a program from a third-party store. For instance, they might offer a free version of a paid app you’ve recently searched for.

To safeguard your data against this type of spyware, install of a mobile antivirus scanner. We also recommend downloading apps only from the official App Store.

GPS Tracking Apps

GPS Tracking Apps

Hackers often obtain location data using monofunctional GPS tracking software. Unlike the conventional spy app for iPhone without iCloud credentials, this type of spyware doesn’t require installation. All that’s needed is your phone number to locate the target device.

The danger of such apps lies in their simplicity. Visually, they look like a web page with a single search field. As you may have guessed, hackers input your phone number into this field, press “Start,” and your exact location is displayed on a map along with coordinates in a few minutes.

Since many of these apps send you an SMS with a tracking link, refrain from replying to suspicious messages at all.

To keep you informed about potential threats, we’ve compiled a chart showcasing the most accurate GPS tracking software that hackers might use:

NameTarget DevicesTracks Location By NumberHidden Mode
Detectico-All iOS models -All Android phones -Old push-button phones  YesYes
Localize.Mobi-All iOS models -All Android phones -Old push-button phonesYesYes
Scannero.io-All iOS models -All Android phones  YesYes

WiFi Spyware

WiFi Spyware

WiFi Sync attack is a sophisticated way to monitor iPhone without iCloud from desktop software. Hackers set up a Wi-Fi sync feature on your iPhone to pair the devices. After the initial configuration, they can secretly intercept your data transferred over the shared network.

Since this type of spyware doesn’t require the installation of add-ons or jailbreaking, it’s quite challenging to detect it manually. You can install an antivirus scanner with a Wi-Fi check feature to identify unusual traffic before your information falls into the wrong hands.

Final Thoughts

Hackers have developed advanced methods to spy on iPhone without Apple ID and password free. They can use spyware that supports remote data transfer to determine your location, monitor social media activity, and even decrypt passwords. In most cases, average users cannot manually detect the presence of such a malicious application on their devices. To stay secure, you should install an antivirus scanner and regularly update your device to the latest version of iOS.

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