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How to Stop Someone from Reading Your Text Messages on iPhone In 6 Ways

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Wondering how to stop someone from reading your text messages on iPhone? You’re not alone. According to Statista, 34% of users are worried about data leaks. In this blog post, we will uncover the risks you can face as an iPhone user and provide seven ways to keep your messages secure from prying eyes.

Can Someone Read My Text Messages? 

The common misconception about the iOS system is that it is completely secure. However, the true answer to “Can someone see my iMessages from another device?” is a definite “yes.” Anyone with access to your iPhone can set up text forwarding, download iCloud backup or simply read your texts while holding the device.

The most advanced method, however, involves installing mobile spyware that allows a third-party to read your texts from another phone, tablet, or PC. Below, we’ve listed some of the most famous spy apps.

NameTarget DevicesSupported MessengersInvisible ModePhysical AccessRecovery of deleted chats
mSpyiOS 7.0+
Android 4.0+
Instant Messengers
Social Media Apps
HoverwatchAndroid 4.0+iMessages
Instant Messengers
EyezyiOS 7.0+
Android 4.0+
Instant Messengers
Social Media Apps
Datings Apps

How to Stop Someone From Reading My Text Messages From Another Phone?

Regardless of how somebody might see my text messages from another phone, there are six reliable ways to cut off their access.

Set a Strong Passcode On Your Device

strong password

A long-tail passcode is a first-line defense of your iPhone. Nobody can peek into your chats on iMessages, authorize iCloud sync or install a spy app if you have a 9-digit passcode or a two-stage verification involving Face ID. Consider setting separate passwords for iMessages and social media apps in your settings for added security.

Turn Off Message Forwarding

message forwarding

Message Forwarding feature syncs iOS devices logged under the same Apple ID, meaning your chats appear simultaneously across your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. If you’ve shared an account with a family member or close friend, they might unintentionally read your chats. 

Here’s how to stop someone from reading your text messages on iPhone:

  1. Navigate to Settings.
  2. Tap Messages.
  3. Turn off Message Forwarding.

Disable Message Previews 

Messages popping up on your notification panel can sometimes reveal their content at the worst possible moment. They don’t even need to hold your phone: one glance, and some might discover something they definitely shouldn’t. 

Fortunately, the iOS system can blur notifications when your smartphone is locked. To turn this feature on, go to Settings, Notifications, select Messages, and finally, choose Show Previews. Set the option “When Unlocked’.

Install an Anti-Intruder Application


Can someone read my text messages? Not if you have anti-theft applications in place! These apps can help you quickly spot any attempts to unlock your phone and prevent further unauthorized access. Here’s a list of the best ones:

  • WTMP – Who Touched My Phone? This clever app secretly captures a selfie when someone enters the wrong passcode. Plus, it sets off an alarm if your phone is moved after you’ve locked it.
  • App Lock. Want to make your Messages app invisible? App lock lets you hide it with a custom icon and a pin code.
  • Ultra Lock. This one works like WTMP but has a unique twist – dynamic passcode options. For example, you can set the current time and date as your passcode, which changes every minute!

Enable 2FA for iCloud 


If you need to stop someone from reading my text messages from another phone, securing your iCloud account is a must-do step. Two-factor authentication, or 2FA, is perfect for this task. Even if someone knows your Apple ID and password, they can’t access your iCloud remotely without a confirmation code sent directly to your device.

The iOS system will also show an intruder’s approximate location on your main screen when they attempt to access your iCloud data. To set up 2FA, follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap on your Name.
  • Choose Passwords and Security.
  • Toggle on Two-Factor Authentication.

Use Antimalware Software


Can someone read my text messages secretly? Unfortunately, sophisticated monitoring apps make it possible. They often hide in the hard-to-reach spots of your device’s storage. In other words, you may not find any suspicious icons on your main screen or app manager. iOS system can’t help you to delete malware since it lacks a built-in antivirus scanner.

Therefore, if you suspect somebody is retrieving your text messages, consider installing a third-party malware scanner like Avast or Norton 360. These apps detect viruses, malware, and data leaks and shield your iPhone from future attacks. Plus, they offer a real-time protection system that notifies you about hacking attempts.

Beyond Texts: What Else Can Spyware Access?

Can other data be compromised if someone can see my text messages from another phone? The answer to your question largely depends on the malware type they’ve installed on your iPhone.For example, multifunctional spy apps like mSpy can collect such data as:

  • Chats on default messengers and social media apps
  • Live GPS location
  • Photos and videos stored in the gallery
  • Call logs and contacts
  • Browsing history& bookmarks
  • Emails
  • Calendar logs and notes
  • Installed Apps
  • Live screenshots
  • And more


Default iOS system settings may not protect your data from remote access. Someone might read your text messages by forwarding text messages, downloading iCloud backup, or installing a spy app. Therefore, you need to consider additional security measures.

Let’s recap how to stop someone from reading your text messages on iPhone:

  1. Set up a long-tail passcode on your device and iMessage.
  2. Disable Message Forwarding in Settings.
  3. Hide iMessage in Notifications.
  4. Install reliable anti-theft applications,
  5. Enable two-factor authentification for iCloud.
  6. Run an antivirus scanner and turn on real-time protection.

And remember, your chat history is just a small part of the data cluster hackers can retrieve from a single app. Location history, social media passwords, and private files are also at risk, so it’s better to implement as many protection layers as possible. 

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