2 thoughts on “maze-example-PW1

  1. Benjamin Houot

    Awesome !
    in sheet “Maze Edit” i would rather use the function “offset” instead of “Choose”.
    it’s more clear and re-usable especially if you want to create a 16th block and more.

    something like in O14 “=OFFSET(Primitives!$B$1;(4*(INDEX(MazeDef;$L14;O$11)-1))+$N14;O$13))”
    instead of “=INDEX(CHOISIR(INDEX(MazeDef;$L14;O$11);Primitives!$C$2:$E$4;Primitives!$C$6:$E$8;Primitives!$C$10:$E$12;Primitives!$C$14:$E$16;Primitives!$C$18:$E$20;Primitives!$C$22:$E$24;Primitives!$C$26:$E$28;Primitives!$C$30:$E$32;Primitives!$C$34:$E$36;Primitives!$C$38:$E$40;Primitives!$C$42:$E$44;Primitives!$C$46:$E$48;Primitives!$C$50:$E$52;Primitives!$C$54:$E$56;Primitives!$C$58:$E$60);$N14;O$13))”

    1. Jordan G Post author

      I stayed away from using OFFSET because it’s a volatile function. One OFFSET won’t slow anything down by itself, but I generally try to avoid them. That said, it’s definitely a shorter, less complicated formula which is its own benefit. Thanks for sharing – I think it’s important for readers to know there are multiple ways of doing something Excel, that they must weigh the costs/benefits of things like using volatile functions against the desire for simpler formulas.


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