Fun Downloads!

Interactive Charts with Form Control Example

2014-04-09 21_51_45-CheckboxTutorial (download).xlsx - Excel

Learn how to create an awesome interactive chart that allows you to toggle between different data points. What’s so great about this method is that it requires absolutely no Visual Basic for Applications coding.

Step-by-step instructions only $1.99

Free download without instructions.

Tornado Data Dashboard

Tornado Dashboard2

Learn how to create an awesome interactive chart with associated drill-down data. Once you know how easy it is, you can put it together in minutes!

Free Download without instructions.

Full Instructions coming–check back soon!


Sensitivity Analysis Dashboard

National Healthcare2


This interactive spreadsheet allows you to perform on-demand sensitivity analysis to a weighted model. Watch how changing weights directly changes your analysis of national healthcare systems. You can even drilldown to view specific metrics!

Free Download without instructions.

Full Instructions coming–check back soon!

Periodic Table of Elements with Excel

Periodic Table

A beautiful presentation of the Periodic Table of Elements in Excel using the rollover technique.

Free Download


Excel 3d Maze

3d Excel Maze.xlsm - Excel

An awesome 3d maze made entirely with Microsoft Excel. Make sure to see my tutorials on how you can build something similar.

Free Download


Bitmap to EXCEL

Bitmap To Excel allows you to use your spreadsheet as a canvas for a bitmap image.  It’s good for wasting time at work.

March Madness Excel


Wanna know how I did it? Download the unlocked version for 1.99!

Or, you can download free version without access to the code. 

2 thoughts on “Fun Downloads!

  1. Pingback: Interactive Spreadsheets for Decision Makers | Option Explicit VBA

  2. Struggling to Excel

    I loved the dashboard webinar. Very insightful indeed. Previously I used to just stick to in-cell dropdowns (data validation lists). Now on, I think ill use a combination of Scroll bars, spin buttons also. Thanks a lot Jordan. Looking forward to read your book on dashboard development.


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