Get Advanced Excel Essentials for $9.99!

I wish this deal were available a few days ago.

Apress’ parent company, Springer, currently has a coupon to receive $30 off any of their books, including Advanced Excel Essentials.

Here’s what you do:

1. Go here to my Advanced Excel Essentials book page. Then click “Get it now.”

2. Use the coupon code HLDY14A to take $30 off the regular price. That’s all. Shipping is free.

Obviously, you can use this code for any of the other books in their library. I’m not affiliated with the coupon, so I won’t get a kick back every time you use it (in fact, I’ll make pennies in royalties from the lowered price!) nor can I really troubleshoot if it doesn’t work. I will say that it’s worked for my friend’s who’ve tried it, so why not give it a try yourself?

3 thoughts on “Get Advanced Excel Essentials for $9.99!

    1. Jordan G Post author

      I’ve heard the same from my international audience. Several have said it’s become free. I don’t have anything to do with this promotion, so I cannot say whether the publisher will fulfill it or not. I have let Springer know this has been happening, but I haven’t heard back – nor have I heard it confirmed that’s it’s even an issue. So I would say feel free to order it and see what happens. I think they will fulfill it.


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